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Criminal court expert report

This case concerns a fatal workplace accident on a polymer film winder machine.

In circumstances that were undetermined because there were no witnesses, the victim had entered a hazardous area in which a reel was moving after the winding operation was complete.

The brief of A. MERGER Experts was to:

  • Go to the site and hear the workers belonging to the team managed by the victim.
  • Examine and describe the winder machine at issue.
  • Familiarise itself with the technical documents produced by the manufacturer of the winding machine, describing how it operates.
  • Describe the safety features with which the machine was provided on the day of the accident.
  • Provide any explanations concerning the purpose of these safety features.
  • Describe the hypothetical circumstances of the accident and the role played by the malfunctioning of the safety features in place.
  • State whether this malfunction or these malfunctions were detectable during the periodic checks that the machine underwent.
  • More generally, make any observations relevant to ascertaining the truth as regards the causality of the accident.
  • Produce a report on all the above, with a view to its being submitted to the criminal courts.
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