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Values and philosophy

For 35 years A. MERGER has specialized in the field of mechanical engineering and the design and production of machinery. Using this expertise we treat each case assigned to us with complete impartiality and independence, two values that we consider to be essential.


This experience combined with our detailed knowledge of the law and procedures that apply in civil and criminal cases allow us to guide you effectively and efficiently during complex case preparation procedures.

The high quality of our services is widely recognised. A. MERGER Experts is an associate member of SWISS EXPERTS, the Swiss Chamber of Technical and Scientific Forensic Experts. The firm is also registered, in the "industry" category, on the list of sworn court experts kept by the Colmar Court of Appeal (France).


    Our company philosophy, in a few sentences. At A. Merger Experts, we respect and promote:

    • the right of both parties to be heard;
    • the right of each party to defend itself within the context of a fair trial;
    • impartiality and independence are key values that enable these fundamental principles to be observed.

    All these values, which originate from article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    40% of the cases in which A. MERGER Experts is appointed by the courts end in an amicable settlement.

    Court experts
    Avenue de la Gare 56
    CH-1920 Martigny
    T +41 (0)27 565 33 88
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