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Privately-commissioned expert reports

A. MERGER Experts provides expert reports commissioned directly by one or all of the parties to a dispute.

The expert can then:

  • draw up a simple eyewitness record of a factual situation, and include it in a detailed report, where necessary using pictures, sketches or explanatory diagrams;
  • produce an assessment of the defects. The expert makes a technical assessment of the damage recorded, its origin, and its imputability. Sometimes he/she gives a "same day" estimate of the value of the asset. This is the most usual type of privately-commissioned expert report.

A privately-commissioned expert report can be produced quickly and, depending on the situation, it may enable recourse to be obtained privately or through the courts. If the matter has to be brought before the courts, a privately-commissioned expert report will enable a technical dossier to be built up beforehand, which will substantiate the originating summons and will be submitted to and recognized by the judge.

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